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Avira Free Security succeeds Avira Free Antivirus

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    Avira Customer

    Okay, I hate being that guy raging for no reason on new features and I understand you want to promote your products, as a free user I should have no right to complain.

    For the past few years I've been uninstalling the separate products when it was still possible. On 8.1 it remains, but makes the tray icon disappear.

    On Windows 10, you now force installation of Phantom VPN and Optimizer (amongst other things), so far it's fine. It becomes less okay when it gets in the way of users. And let me say I don't agree on your views that an AV only isn't enough for protection, especially when most websites today use SSL/TLS. This is only to promote your stuff (understandable) at the detriment of usability.

    Now let me recount the conversation I had with an user over the phone today (shortened a lot).

    User : I have that VPN thingy showing up, what do I do?

    Me : double-click the VPN tray icon and go to the little wheel on top right.

    User : It shows 20Mb used on 500Mb.

    Me : Click on the little wheel, do you see it? You never activated the VPN, right?

    User : No I didn't.

    Me : What do you see after ckicking on the little wheel?

    User : I see only send diagnostic data activated green, nothing else.

    Me : Okay, let it be, I'm gonna find you another AV soon.


    You see, what happened there is people are annoyed. This person never uses public wifi (desktop wifi card), and I don't want his traffic data going through your VPN by mistake, that in itself is a security issue. His ISP network is perfecty fine, he doesn't want a VPN.

    By hiding everything to the users and bloating Avira in the past few years, you managed to make a perfectly fine product into an annoying, unusable product people don't want, even if the AV part is more effective.

    How to correct this in my opinion :

    -NEVER force anything on your users, let them install AV only. Nothing should be ticked by default at installation. Or at least let us uninstall the other features individually like on W 8.1 without the tray icon disappearing/updates reinstalling everything.

    -Let us access settings without going though Security/Protection settings/Real time protection little cogwheel. It's outright unusable.

    One last thing : do you realize I write this because I care about your product? It was the most straightforward, with very light updates on slow connexions, with a clear interface... I want the old Avira back, pre-launcher era... Or I may as well install Comodo (horribly bloated), will make no difference today. I've been putting up with your questionable choices for years, and now is the point of no return.

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    Felix Bär

    Hello Avira Community,

    we can totally understand you and your feedback you posted.

    Avira has the name to be always as close to the customers as possible and we always try to bring you the best protection you can have in this new modern world who everything is changed to be more digital and connected.

    For that reason we are always develop new solutions and ways to give you this high standard protection.
    And of course we also understand that changes can not always be positive and not everyone likes what we think would be a good idea.

    We are always grateful for your support, your interaction and your feedback about our products and I can promise you, that we take every feedback serious and we consider our thoughts about our changes.

    Thank you.



    Felix Bär

    Avira Customer Service Engineer

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    Maurizio Focareta

    I subscribe to this post because I share every single word was written.

    I'm sorry @Felix Bar, but your sentence "And of course we also understand that changes can not always be positive and not everyone likes what we think would be a good idea" should lead you to restore customization in install process where the user can decide what to install and what to install not.

    That way everyone can enjoy and like the features they want, and not the features YOU want us to install.

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    I am now getting a window at start up that wants me to update Avira and it will install Opera browser. I do not want Opera so I will not update this.  How can I turn off this update window so I never see it again?

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    Maurizio Focareta

    For Opera it's quite easy, let setup install it and then remove it from Installed Applications.

    And as it was written in another post, you can also remove other "default" modules like firewall and email protection using the old setup in Avira folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Avira\Antivirus"

    Anyway it's really time that Avira returns to a customized installer where user decide what to install and what not.



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