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The Avira Prime software I purchased today is not loading




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    Avira Customer

    I have the same problem ..
    the product cannot be activated after installation ..
    and no one from the customer service department answers .. ???

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    @ Robert McGrath

    Hello Robert,

    It is regrettable that problems have occurred during installation. In order to understand your problem, it would be nice and helpful for us if you could give us some more detailed information.

    • Where did you buy the product?
    • Which operating system is installed on your computer?
    • How did you proceed with the installation attempt?
    • Do you get an error message?

    If you purchased your Avira software in the Avira Online Shop, you proceeded according to the following instructions? See:


    With more details about the product and your installation, we will try to continue to help you to solve your problem.

    Best wishes and a happy Sunday


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    @Thomas Schiefer

    Hello Thomas,

    Unfortunately, you also have problems, but after the installation, if I understand your information correctly. It also concerns Avira Prime?

    Could you please describe in more detail: "the product cannot be activated after installation .."?
    So the installation does not abort but you do not know how to activate the product?

    Where did you purchase the product?

    How did you proceed with the installation?

    When a license is purchased in Avira Online-Shop, it is always automatically activated to the account with which the license was purchased. If the product is installed according to the following instructions, no separate activation is required. Here are the instructions:    https://support.avira.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000736865-How-do-I-reinstall-my-activated-Avira-product- 
    If the activation does not work, please let us know with exact details, and we will see what happens.

    Many greetings and a nice Sunday evening

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