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How to get Avira to stop popping up?



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    Hello Kevdot,

    Please have a look at the topic Avira version  - Toni Ruch 02.10.2020


    First, we thank you for your feedback, letting us know that there was a potential issue with the opening of the Avira Free Security application. We’re happy to report that our team has fixed it, so the issue should no longer happen. If you see this, please flag it for us again.

    It’s fixed with version This version will be rolled out in stages to all customers.


    Have you already done a new installation?

    Please let us know:

    Which operating system is installed - the latest version?
    Which Avira version is installed on your computer
    Has this been going on for some time or is the behaviour new now
    Did you change any settings
    Please send us a screenshot

    With these answers your request can be better understood in order to give you a concrete answer.

    If something is unclear, please let us know, we are happy to help.

    Kind regards

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