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Mac: Disable Cloud Protection?



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    Lukas Huptas

    Hello J B,

    Well sorry for being back so late to you. Please take a look here:

    Q: Is it no longer possible to opt-out of Cloud Protection?
    A: No, as this feature is bundled inside our Avira engine.

    Q: Is Could Protection turned off by default in the new version of the application?
    A: As it's not a stand-alone module anymore and included within the general engine of Avira.

    Q: Am I misunderstanding Cloud Protection or Avira's service in some way?
    A: No private files are uploaded to our cloud systems. We create anonymous hashes from suspect files to analyze these kinds of files but no private details are leaving your system. There's no way for us to identify where these hashes are from.


    Lukas Huptas

    Avira Community Manager

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