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Antivirus slow startup from HDD drive?



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    Dominik Kowalski

    Hello maron


    Of course you are technically right. A SSD will most likely be faster than an HDD drive when it comes to starting  a program.


    Unforunately I can only take a rough guess based on the details you provided and since we are talking about a VM, it's not necessarely the most useful thing to go to deep into detail.


    I personally recommend you to check if your VM can be empowered with a bit more RAM, since this is something that could directly impact the loading / initializing performance of any program.


    If you really want to go into detail, please send a message to our support under support.avira.com 


    Thank you and best,

    Dominik Kowalski

    Specialist Service Engineer

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    Dear Dominik,

    Thank you for your response.

    I know that running Avira on a virtual machine is not simply the same as running on a solid PC, so I'm not complaining anything but just wanted to share my experience.

    (Just to be sure, my environment is Windows 8.1 with dedicated 8GB ram on a Windows 10 host (32GB ram) with VMware Workstation 16.0)

    The Event viewer on VM says that Avira Real-Time Protection fails to start after waiting for 30000ms.

    I couldn't start the service by hand because it's blocked, and have to wait for a couple of minutes for the service to start.

    I just thought that is there a way to manually restart the service or make the service not give up start-up for more than 30sec.s?

    I see similar posts which I believe not those on VM, but no concrete solution.


    Meanwhile, I quit using Avira on VM.

    On the other hand, Avira on my Windows 10 host works well, and I'm still using it with satisfactory.


    Thank you and regards,


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