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Lack of Option in new UI - Unwanted Avira Products




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    Hello Lucas,

    Have you already noticed that under Security / Security Options there is a small cogwheel next to each category, which opens the actual configuration?

    The diversion via "avconfig.exe" is still possible, but no longer necessary, as you will find all the configuration options.

    Under " C:\ProgramData\Avira\Antivirus\LOGFILES " you will find all your scans sorted by date under AVSCAN and also your updates under Upd-date .

    Here you will find options for checking the files:




    You will also find a video with a short explanation:

    We would be pleased if the instructions give you a small insight into the configuration of your license.

    Best regards and a nice weekend

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    Lukas Icke


    that helps a little bit...

    But still this new UI contains less information and less features I actually care about.


    • I can no longer rescan
    • I can no longer view an exact timestamp
      This is a problem for me, as I am trying to backtrack activities when an infection occurred... all I get is a date.

    I also purchased just the Antivirus Pro License, why was all this other Stuff snuck in with the constant reminder to upgrade to prime??

    Is there a way I can just remove all the things not related to Antivirus? All this system speedup and cleanup stuff is absolute snake oil... A VPN is not the level of security it is touted to bring either, it's literally only good against man in the middle attacks when roaming public Wi-Fis... I have Office Desktops I really dont need this.


    Is there a way to go back to just Antivirus?

    If the answer is no, then I don't understand what I am paying for and quite honestly, I am switching to ESET.

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    Hello Lukas,

    Because of your question about the changes in the Pro version, i.e. the unnecessary programs for your needs, we have forwarded your contribution to the support team. From there, technical questions and the procedure for removing unwanted programmes can be explained.

    You will receive further information from the support team.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Best wishes and a nice weekend

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    Permanently deleted user

    If you get an answer from them, can you post it? I have the same exact issues with all this extra stuff being added in and constantly running. All I want is the anti-virus as well.

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    Vanessa R

    I agree. I only want the Antivirus, not all the other stuff!

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    Lukas Icke

    Unfortunately, the Support Response has not been helpful and has confirmed my fears.

    I have absolutely no understand for this decision, why you would force paying customers into using your bloatware is beyond me.

    I have been a Subscriber of Antivirus Pro since 2013. That ends today.


    For those interested, the response:

    Hello Lukas Icke,

    Thank you for contacting Avira Support.

    My name is Felix​ and I’ll be helping you with your request.

    Unfortunately, there is no way get the old UI back as it was. Sorry...
    I know there are some bigger changes and some Problems that are still need to fix (no logs, or no customization) but as I said, we have no option to replace the new ui / version with the old one, Sir.

    If you have any questions or you need further assistance with this issue, please let me know. I will be happy to help you!

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best Regards

    Felix Bär
    Avira Customer Service Engineer

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    Permanently deleted user

    Looks like when my license runs out, I won't be renewing, either. If I could get a refund on months not used, I'd uninstall it now and do so. I've avoided using other anti-virus products because of the extra things added to them that I did not want, so it's a shame Avira has followed in their footsteps.

    Oh well, that's business. They can do as they please and we can choose to buy or not. Whatever.


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