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Avira Phantom VPN Pro does NOT switch IP



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    E Zaid Joergensen

    Not only that. I am FED UP of paying for something that doesn't work. Like on Mobile Data. It disconnects imediately it has connected. I have û installed, and reinstalled it, but last 4 weeks, my safety has been exposed to criminals. Suddenly I'm. Spammed with ads (from my own city, not even another city. Highly dangerous, and it is very expensive to use, I pay monthly, but this happened after I joined the beta, or updated Phantom some weeks ago. It works Only on wifi which is unsecure from. Before.. Avira, I'm so disappointed in you. Once, you were world leading. Now, no need to say more.. I demand my money back and I have had to download a trial of Prime to see if it worked. It did, for an hour. Why is that?

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