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    Anon Anon

    Apparently there's a limit to exceptions. Which is weird.

    After deleting a couple of lines, I can add new now.

    And by the way, the list was full because your scanner for some reason automatically deleted my qBitorrent which is even weirder, flagged it suspicious.


    And the really weirdest thing is that deleting qBittorrent only happens when I update PotPlayer. Potplayer has some adware in their installation and whenever I update Potplayer, Avira decides to automatically delete qBitorrent.

    Isn't that awesome?

    Also, did I tell you that I spent days figuring out why my scanner doesn't work?

    Guess whose fault?


    It added a driver where it shouldn't and there was a conflict with the scanner driver. Did I tell you where I found the solution? On the 3rd page of Google, on a non-english forum.

    Why do I keep using Avira is probably the best question  that can be asked now.

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    Lukas Huptas

    Hello Anon,

    Well, there's a limitation for exclusions. So in your case please set just one exclusion to the path which shouldn't be scanned:

    C:\Program Files\qBitorrent\

    Also, feel free to submit this as suspicious marked files directly to our virus lab for a re-analyze:



    Arthur Lukas Huptas

    Avira Community Manager

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    Anon Anon

    Hi Arthur and thanks for your reply.

    Thanks for the suggestion of adding the whole folder.

    Even though I tend to be the "doer", submitting software as popular as qBitorrent for re-anaylzing is something I don't feel like doing.

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