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Internet Security Plus Error Activation code




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    Hello Reza,

    Please let us know when and where you purchased this license, i.e. whether you can present a receipt of this license, this is the only way to verify it.

    The date of purchase is important, it does not matter if the license was activated or not.

    Personal data may not be edited here in the public forum according to Data protection GDPR.
    After we receive your answer, whether you can present the proof of purchase and whether you agree with the verification, we will inform you about further steps to verify the activation code.

    We await your answer.

    Best regards

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    Reza Mo

    Dear Customer Service,


    Thank you for your reply. Your request does not make scene. I bought a license of Avira Internet Security Plus almost 2 years ago and I do not have my receipt of payment. I have never used the license that has been printed and kept inside the vacuumed packet. Also, I assume Avira MUST have the information on its database that my license has never been used. So, I am wondering why Avira is violating my right for benefiting/using from the product that I paid for?

    I hope I would be able to use the product that I am legally allowed to use it. Thank you for your understanding and looking forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

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    Lukas Huptas

    Hello Reza Mo,

    Well, sure it's sad if a purchase won't work as expected but without proof of purchase we cannot replace your current activation code. This isn't violating your rights as we would replace it without any doubt but need a receipt.

    If you find the receipt, please let us known.


    Arthur Lukas Huptas

    Avira Community Manager

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