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How activation of Avira Free after change to a new PC



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    Hello Horst,

    Do you have a licence for several devices? Or do you want to install the license only on the new PC?
    The licence is activated on the e-mail address with which you purchased the product.

    Install the licence on the new device:

    Please log in to your customer account at https://my.avira.com  and under subscription https://my.avira.com/de/dashboard/subscriptions/tabs/plans  your licence will be displayed.

    Important: Loggin with the address that was entered when you bought the version.
    With a click on INSTALL the process is initiated.
    Please follow the instructions during the installation.
    See also the illustrated instructions:

    Do the instructions help you?
    If something is still unclear, please let us know, we are happy to help and welcome feedback.

    Kind regards

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    Susan Richards

    Please clarify as follows:

    I want to transfer my licence to my new PC. As I no longer use my old PC can I assume that the licence will be activated on my new PC if I follow the instructions above - and will no longer operate on my old PC?

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    Hallo Susan,

    If you deactivate the licence correctly, yes, then it should no longer be linked to your customer account and should no longer be active.

    You have already asked this question to the support team and the answer:
    "Your current subscription allows you to install our products on only 1 device.

    To install your products on another device remove the listed device currently linked in your Avira account.
    Then you'll be able to follow this procedure to install your license on a new computer"

    Here you will find instructions for installing the licence on another device

    Does this information help you?
    If something is unclear, let us know, we will be happy to help.

    Many greetings

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