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Can not update


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    Hello Roger,

    We did not fully understand your question. Is it a new licence or is it a renewal? Is this licence to be transferred to another device? Is it a license for multiple devices?
    Your operating system could be Win 10, we cannot guess your Avira version.

    Please describe exactly how you have proceeded so far. You want to install your purchased product, right?

    Please log in to your customer account at https://my.avira.com/en/dashboard/home and at   https://my.avira.com/en/dashboard/subscriptions/tabs/plans 
    your activated license should be displayed.
    By clicking on INSTALL the process should start, follow the instructions during the installation.

    It is important that you log in using the email address that PayPal used to send you the invoice.

    Here you will find an illustrated installation guide:
    Use the instructions to describe when an error occurs in which section. We would appreciate your feedback.
    If anything is still unclear, please let us know, and we will be happy to help you.

    Many greetings

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